The series of regional conferences held annually in the spring in the Northeast, South, Midwest and West Quads are a wrap. Local chapters hosted Quad Conferences to bring students of architecture together to network, discuss themes pertinent to the industry, present lectures, offer tours, education sessions and workshops.

Two of the students who attended the Northeast and West Quads were kind enough to provide GRAPHISOFT North America with their perspective of the experience. Kaleena Klimeck (class of ’21) took a break from her busy schedule at Cal Poly and attended the West Quad, while on the Northeast coast, Loay Elmagri (class of ’18) traveled up from Virginia Tech to participate in the Northeast Quad. Both students told us that they chose to attend their respective conferences in the hope of gaining and deepening their knowledge of the industry. 

Klimeck said, “LA is my home town, and so I was previously familiar with its many problems in regard to housing. By attending the conference, I hoped to learn more about LA from the prospective of developers and people in construction.”

Each made sure to attend the ARCHICAD workshops that were offered to become more familiar with the current version of ARCHICAD. At Cal Poly, Klimeck says in her experience visiting firms she’s often heard about how they use ARCHICAD – the conference gave her a unique experience of seeing a demonstration of the software in person. “On a recent trip, we visited a local firm that stressed the importance of knowing ARCHICAD. I’ve seen in both those instances how much time ARCHICAD can save me.” 

Our graduating Virginia Tech senior, Elmagri tells us he’s been using ARCHICAD for a decade and wanted to use the opportunity to secure a permanent position here in the U.S. “As an international student, I am seeking employment opportunities that will take advantage of my skills here. The conference was a great experience.”


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