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Remote Learning: ARCHICAD Collaboration with Revit

March 22 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Architectural collaboration between ARCHICAD users and Revit users poses challenges different from traditional 2D CAD collaboration. In this session, you will learn best practices for design teams using two different BIM authoring tools, ARCHICAD and Revit.

As with most design process challenges, it is important to “Start with the end in mind.” Therefore, the course will start with a focus on reasonable expectations for architectural BIM collaboration workflows.

In small projects, it may be feasible to use one design tool. But with a larger the project, more stakeholders and disciplines are involved, so one tool becomes less likely to be the best for everyone, and interoperable workflows become essential. A case-study of a very large development project will be presented to show Open BIM successfully applied to collaborative design on a large scale.


$450/person; $375/person for ARCHIPLUS members using code SSAPROMO.

Earn 3 AIA Learning Units
Course #: AC-Revit-RL

We will then explore three technologies for data exchange and how they may be combined to optimize quality and efficiency in collaborative design. This will include IFC, DWG, and direct translation of RVT format from ARCHICAD.

In addition to showing the translation options in ARCHICAD and Revit, we will look at how translated elements look and behave in each platform. Check out the complete course outline here.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this session, attendees will know:

  • What content is in an IFC Architectural exchange.
  • What can be expected from direct RVT exchanges between ARCHICAD and Revit
  • How and why to create subsets of the BIM IFC export for targeted exchanges or to speed up Revit’s import translation.
  • What content needs to be exchanged in 2D format.
  • How to leverage the strengths of each type of exchange to optimize the results.




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