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Remote Learning: The ARCHICAD Grasshopper/Rhino Connection

August 2 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Course Overview

The Grasshopper – ARCHICAD Live Connection facilitates the exchange of geometric shapes between McNeel’s Rhino 5.0/Grasshopper and GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD.  In this online course, you’ll learn how to use ARCHICAD’s Rhino-Grasshopper Toolset as well as the essential commands and how to translate a Grasshopper shape into an ARCHICAD model. Veteran ARCHICAD and grasshopper users can benefit from helpful tips and tricks that are not found in standard tutorials.

Grasshopper’s visual user interface enables the designer to use algorithms to create shapes that can be used as a reference to recreate BIM elements in ARCHICAD. The resulting parametric building has the potential to allow the designer to change the algorithm’s input parameters that will ultimately update the building’s form.


$450/person; $375/person for ARCHIPLUS members using code SSAPROMO.

Earn 3 AIA Learning Units
Course #: AC-RhinoGrass

Course Outline

Rhino/Grasshopper Overview (25m)

Introduction to Rhino Essential Functions (15 min)

  • User Interface
  • Creating and editing points, lines and polylines in Rhino’s model space
  • Understanding and modeling surfaces and polysurfaces with curves and points
  • 3D surfaces from points, using Loft, Extrusion, and Surfaces from curves.
  • NURBS vs Mesh

Grasshopper User Interface (25 min)

  • Params Menu: How to insert a Rhino element into Grasshopper using Params Geometry list; Set Points, Set a Curve, Set a Surface, Set a Geometry in Rhino
  • Curve Menu: Point On Curve, Divide Curve, Flip Curve, Line, Circle and Rectangle commands
  • How to Filter information in Grasshopper using List Items, Shift List, Split List, Cull Index, Cull Pattern, Series, Random, Range
  • Transform Menu: Move, Scale, Rotate

ARCHICAD Grasshopper Connection Exercises (135 min)

  • ARCHICAD Template Considerations (Stories, Units, 3d Views, Favorites)
  • Connecting Grasshopper to ARCHICAD
  • Complex Roof Structure
  • Curtain Wall
  • ARCHICAD Tower
  • Completing the model for further development and annotation in ARCHICAD

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Start Rhino-Grasshopper and connect them to ARCHICAD
  • Use tricks and tips that can significantly optimize the use of Grasshopper
  • Identify the parameters that must be considered in order to model an editable shape/building
  • Create curves, lines, points, and surfaces in Rhino to be introduced to Grasshopper
  • Create parametric geometry starting from simple polygon shapes to construct a complex building in ARCHICAD
  • Design columns, beams, slabs, curtain walls and other construction elements directly from Grasshopper’s code
  • Manage and update the design of a building using the parametric code from Grasshopper

Your Presenter: Leeswann Bolden, LEED Green Associate, Assoc. AIA, GRAPHISOFT BIM Consultant

Leeswann Bolden, LEED Green Associate, Assoc. AIA, is a BIM Consultant with GRAPHISOFT having utilized the benefits of BIM for 8 years. As an independent architectural and urban design consultant, she worked with a number of firms specializing in sustainable residential, commercial and community development projects.

Leeswann holds Master’s degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning, and a Bachelor’s of Architectural Studies degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Leeswann’s first ARCHICAD experience came as an intern during her time at the University. She mentored and taught several student groups and led NOMAS competition teams to the national stage using ARCHICAD and BIMx.

Having joined GRAPHISOFT in 2014 as BIM Implementation Consultant, Leeswann continues her quest to educate and assist firms in their need to improve workflow. She provides training to architectural professionals, leading to in-depth proficiency with GRAPHISOFT BIM technologies.

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