AIA|DC has made a commitment to use ArchiCAD as a way to manage its exhibition designs at the District Architecture Center in Washington, DC. Its upcoming exhibition, reVISION::Thinking Big, New Projects in Washington DC, was produced using ArchiCAD18 and opens April 15th.

The exhibition highlights five phased, mixed-use projects, each in various stages of completion: design, development review, or under construction. Organized by AIA|DC and curated by Mary Konsoulis, The Yards, The Wharf, Burnham Place at Union Station, Capitol Crossing, and McMillan are conveyed around three themes—reconnecting to the water, building above barriers, and repurposing public works—and the exhibition examines the theories and context behind each project’s design, as well as the complexity inherent in projects of such vision and scope.

AIA DC ArchiCADThe AIA|DC hosts on average as many as ten exhibits at its District Architecture Center. The majority of the exhibits are designed and produced in-house using ArchiCAD. The ability to produce plans and elevations as well as 3D modeling within ArchiCAD appealed to exhibitions designer Scott Clowney. In his role, Clowney is in charge of all the gallery’s in-house exhibitions and works with all outside vendors that may from time to time bring in displays.

ARCHICAD AIA DC“My coordination responsibilities include managing our two galleries. Since we have to display without the benefit of hanging walls, we make use of mobile stands to show 2D graphic panels. Occasionally we have some exhibitors bringing in pedestals to showcase artwork and architectural models too. With ArchiCAD I can visualize the spatial layout of the exhibition without having to solely rely on 2D drawings take the graphic designs.”

Clowney adds that the ArchiCAD interface is very user friendly.

“I had prior experience with ArchiCAD and asked for it to be used in our offices as well. It has a wonderfully easy-to-use interface and the platform lends itself to visualizing the space in a way that will make it simple for my staff to understand and imagine how the exhibition will be laid out.”

reVISION::Thinking Big, New Projects in Washington DC opens April 15th and runs through June 13th. For more information on the exhibit, click here

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