GRAPHISOFT is a proud co-sponsor of an upcoming event at the National Building Museum. Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) – will display 20 featured projects, offering a behind-the-scenes look at its creative process. Beginning January 24th and running through August 30th, 2015 the installation highlights 20 different projects designed by BIG from around the world, exploring how the cultural and climatic contexts of each location shaped their design solutions. The array of signature designs provides a glimpse into how the firm works with intense creativity and innovation while developing concepts for new buildings.


Smithsonian Institution, Courtesy National Building Museum

This event is big on a couple of levels.

First, it happens at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. Through exhibitions, educational programs and online content, the National Building Museum works to advance the quality of the built environment by educating people about its impact on their lives. Since 1985, the Museum has become a vital forum for the exchange of ideas and information about the world we build for ourselves.


Big U in NYC, Courtesy National Building Museum

Second, the exhibition puts the unique and innovative architecture of BIG on display on a national stage. BIG is a well-known international firm, but is quickly becoming a distinctive voice influencing American architecture and urbanism with its practice in New York and as designer of a $2 billion National Mall and Smithsonian refurbishment project in Washington, DC. The architects at BIG employ ArchiCAD in their BIM workflow. The software supports their flexibility and creativity in developing concepts and taking those concepts through to documentation.

The exhibition of one of our most successful client’s signature designs at the National Building Museum provides testimony to how significant their design philosophy and work has become in the United States and beyond.





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