Wilkus Architects

Wilkus Architects

GRAPHISOFT is offering seminars on BIM for Interior Design at three locations in sunny California. This seminar will teach the ways in which interior designers can strongly benefit from the use of building information modeling (BIM) software, such as ArchiCAD.

While it may not be the first thing you think of when you consider uses for ArchiCAD, we have profiled designers and architects who are making the most of their projects by using ArchiCAD to create interesting interiors. We have also highlighted the use of ArchiCAD for interiors at events such as Dwell on Design.

Tracy A Stone has had success working with ArchiCAD’s zone tool to plan out spaces – she blocks out a diagram of the way the rooms could be laid out so that her client can visualize the different room possibilities for an existing space. Wilkus Architects specialize in interiors and have been using ArchiCAD since 2008 – they use ArchiCAD to leverage speed onto their creativity – a must in their world of time lines made up of mere weeks.

On Thursday, September 12th the workshop will be presented in San Francisco at AIA San Francisco, again on September 26th in Sacramento at the AIA Central Valley, and a third time in California in Oakland on October 24th at AIA East Bay. 

Click here to register for any of the events.

Just added! An BIM Workshop for Interior Designers in Los Angeles during which attendees will be given a step-by-step tutorial and template for using ArchiCAD 17 to develop a small interiors project.

click here to register for the September 18th event in LA!


  1. krish

    nice post it is interesting to know that BIM is coming into interior designing, thanks for the info.

  2. Majesty Interiors

    Interior designing workshop and seminars are very ideal option to have in touch with latest market trends and technology about interior design

  3. Charlotte Designer

    Very cool… I was reading a post recently from a fellow who got his degree as an architect and he said that he wished that something like this existed so he could be doing something more than just messing with someone else’s CAD designs. It often takes years to gain the trust of others to design a building or house yet interior design is a nice segway into this world where you can actually start doing something from the get go… good job!

  4. Carter Kevvin

    Interior designing is a very interesting subject to study and then to implement practically it is an innovation of the person and his creativity to decorate the house and setting of house in a perfect and presentable way. The people thick that interior is some ting which is not so in trend but the actual thing is it is always in trend.

  5. Sophie Nigam

    Thanks for sharing this Its great collection and really very nice blog about interior design.


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