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ArchiCAD Modular Joinery

Remember “Wish upon an Object from”?

Soon after ArchiCAD 16 was released, Graphisoft announced a contest looking for objects that aren’t in the standard libraries. Well the first results of that are coming in. And those results are very exciting.

Modular Joinery Object

ArchiCAD ObjectsThe Modular Joinery Object (MJO), in its latest version 16 incarnation, is now available for all users on subscription. To download this great object, launch ArchiCAD 16, open up the door or window default settings, and search for ‘Modular Joinery’. You’ll see both Modular Door and Modular Window. Download these and enjoy. I haven’t yet had time to download the ArchiCAD 16 versions (they just became available a few hours ago), but I have explored earlier versions of the MJO (don’t ask how) and it’s a wonderful object.

So what exactly is the Modular Joinery Object? Way back in 2008, Graphisoft UK commissioned Ralph Wessel of Encina Ltd. to create a window/door/panel/storefront/curtain wall GDL object, called Modular Joinery. This object allows for amazing complexity and unifies both window and door options into one Object. For years it’s only been available for UK users. There’s a great thread on the ArchiCAD-Talk forum that has been discussing it for a long, long time. The conversation is a combination of people loving the object and others lamenting that we don’t have access to it…

Adding the MJO to is the convergence of a few things that I am very happy about. Let’s list a few.

  1. Graphisoft listening to the needs and wishes of the users. Always great to see a company do that.
  2. Added value to the ArchiPLUS subscription. I feel that the appearance of bonus content for subscribers bodes well for future benefits of subscription.
  3. A unification of content across the user base. It’s been frustrating to see this great object sitting across the Atlantic for years. I’m excited that offers an outlet to share.
  4. ArchiCAD Heroes saving the day. Again. Who was the first person to post a suggestion? Laszlo Nagy was, and he suggested sharing the MJO with everyone. Who was the second person? Karl Ottenstein. If you’re not familiar with these two giants in our community, read more about them and other ArchiCAD Heroes here. On behalf of the ArchiCAD community, Thank you!

Floating Dimension Object

ArchiCAD Floating DimensionWe also got a brand new object. As wished by the ArchiCAD-talk user Zeropointreference, manuBIM created a stationary dimension line that works as if it was a line (graphically editable nodes, multi-story display, etc.) but looks like a standard dimension. You can download the imperial version here. There’s also a metric version. At first glance (and a few minutes of playing with it), this object has some very nice functions that are missing from either the line and polyline tools or the dimension tool. Two features jump out. Each end can have a different arrow head. So one side can be an arrow and the other side can be a tick mark. All the intermediate nodes (of which there can be 100) can also as a group have an arrow head different from either end. Additionally, both metric and imperial dimensions can be displayed at the same time. Very nice for those of us who are working with international collaborators. I must say, I’m not surprised by the detail of the Floating Dimension Object. Ilauszky Endre, the owner of manuBIM, wrote a guest post for me over at Shoegnome back in June. Ilauszky and Gábor are GDL wizards. And all their objects are some of the nicest ones I’ve ever worked with. Check out their free skylight and high-speed door objects.

Just the Beginning

Levente Filetoth, from Graphisoft HQ has also promised us more. If you’ve got suggestions, let Levente and his team know. Here’s the next object we’ll be getting:

How about a 3d ceiling object where lights, diffusers, sprinkler heads, etc can be very quickly and easily edited and would include a number of ceiling types, perhaps to match what is available from companies like Armstrong… (as suggested by Richard Rinehart, July 31 at 12:42am)




  1. Rex Prater, AIA

    I really like the idea of the 3d ceiling object! I have yet to put together a good 3d ceiling assembly…

  2. tim hanagan

    great news and would really like to try the modular joinery object out, except i can find no way to sign in as a subscriber.
    here is the message when i follow the instructions:
    ac v16 logo with ! mark, then,
    “This object is Premium Content available only to customers with active Software Services Agreement. For more information about the Software Services program, please contact your local ArchiCAD provider.”
    maybe sign into 1st?

  3. Jared Banks

    Nathan, good question. I know of Kristian’s objects and have used a few (he’s a very talented GDL scripter), but have not had an opportunity to explore his window object. Though for everyone reading this, he does offer a trial version for people to test out. Just follow the link about in Nathan’s comment.



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