Crankhouse, by Hometta – Now in Cookie Form!

Remember that Gingerbread auction we told you about? The auction raised almost $1,800 to benefit the CRDC in Boston and many lucky bidders now have one-of-a-kind holiday sweets to decorate their table. One of those lucky bidders was our own National Marketing Director, Marianne Sims. Sims won the gingerbread house cleverly created by over,under. Based on an actual project – the Crankhouse for Hometta, in cookie form will go to the GRAPHISOFT office in Boston for their annual holiday party.

While we can’t speak for how difficult the Crank House was to bake or even how good it tastes, it is a sweet idea for modern homebuilding. Designed as a “smallish” 2000 sq ft home, the Crank House plans are available through a Houston-based company known as Hometta. The team at Hometta have banded together to rethink and improve the way architecture is made and delivered. Instead of the traditional pre-fab houses that are built and taken to a location, they’re centrally creating house plans and selling them to buyers who go to a builder/contractor and have it built.

As over,under’s Chris Grimley explains, “House plan books at building supply stores are pretty commonplace. With those plans, you have a very cut and dried process. What we wanted to do with Crank House is allow the person to build a house on a modest scale, be in control of how it is built, and make decisions about materials. Crank House can bridge the gap between a super expensive custom house and mass market building.”

At the Hometta site, visitors can choose a house that fits their needs, purchase the rights to the plans and build a house. The prospective home owner can work with any local contractor to get permits and help get it built. For Grimley, using ArchiCAD was key to creating a more custom and modern plan than would be found in an ordinary house plan book.

“We needed to be as efficient as possible in getting this plan up there. We spent time using ArchiCAD to get this plan up, using it to visualize for the house so that the move to design drawings and construction drawings was simplified.”

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