Benjamin Crosby of Yates Construction  will be a featured speaker at this week’s BIM Forum in Dallas. Scheduled for October 9th and 10th at the Intercontinental Dallas Hotel in Dallas, TX, Crosby’s talk will center on the Century Link Project.

Benjamin CrosbyCrosby told us that in his experience, when it comes to remodeling a building, ArchiCAD is a quicker and more cost effective software option than others he’s tried. Crosby says the CenturyLink Headquarters Technology Center For Excellence project – a 250,000-sf addition to CenturyLink’s existing 365,000-sf headquarters in Monroe, LA validated his opinion of ArchiCAD.

ArchiCAD was used to forward the BIM process in the remodeling of the new office building and parking garage. The curved Technology Center is comprised of four levels – including food service, offices, auditoriums, research and data centers, power back up, and intricate architectural features. The mechanical systems are housed in the penthouse. Its exterior contains 37,000-sf of view glass and a green roof. It is distinguished as having one of the largest quantities of photovoltaic electric current tint changing glass on buildings in North America. The five level garage contains a mechanical systems  building which supports the Technology Center.

The technology center presented some major construction challenges such as a very aggressive construction schedule, complicated radial geometry, and a design which continued to be finalized well into construction as part of a fast track deployment. Large amounts of information had to be processed quickly to overcome potential problems and delays. This project required unique workflows to compensate for radial geometry -maximizing efficiency and minimizing expensive materials. As construction progressed and the design continued to evolve to meet the owner’s needs on the fast track project, the team relied heavily on coordination of feedback which was essential to absorbing design changes quickly.

The project demonstrates how the use of BIM provided clarity to a challenging and complex project through a team of effective people who understand construction and how to communicate that knowledge to the people involved in it.



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  1. Bradley Madison

    Another great article of Graphisoft and ArchiCAD over its competition. Benjamin and Yates Construction are doing wonderful things in the world of BIM and it is great to read of the validation of ArchiCAD in this industry.


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