Boston Architects Bake Up Sweet Support for the CDRC



Gingerbread houses are synonymous with the holiday season – and this year the traditional cookie house sweetens the deal for a fundraising event. The Boston Society of Architects (BSA) is hosting an auction of some sugary structures made of the gingery substance. Proceeds will benefit the Community Design Resource Center of Boston (CDRC).

Local designers and architects – including ArchiCAD firms designLAB and over,under- kicked the baking up a notch, putting their skills to the culinary challenge. Sam Batchelor of designLAB came up with the event concept and organized it. When the time came for designLAB to create a design they could bake – Batchelor says the idea was to base it on a larger commentary of a typical designLAB project.

“We are always working within a given context to create a dialogue between the past and present,” Batchelor explained. “In the gingerbread house, we used the archetypal brownstone of Boston in classic gingerbread as our context, and juxtaposed it against a candy-coated fantasy house that was spilling out into the landscape.  As with our work, we are always interested in the social implications of the changing built environment.  As such the snowmen who occupy the candy-coated house are spilling out into the street with snow, shenanigans, and holiday cheer.  Their gingerbread neighbors are taken aback by their frivolity and can only stand back in horror of the scene unfolding before them. ”

The house baked and built by the team at over,under reconstructed one of their actual projects in gingerbread just for the event.

Nine edible designs look good enough to eat, but also show off award-winning concepts, capture fun and traditional scenes. They’re on display at the BSA Space until Friday, but you can put in a bid here. Bids start at $200. All the gingerbread houses can be seen here.

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