GRAPHISOFT has been recognized with two Best of Show awards from Architosh, a leading online publication devoted to Mac and iOS CAD and 3D software professionals and students. The BEST of SHOW awards are announced based on software and technologies demonstrated during the 2015 AIA National Convention and Expo held in Atlanta, GA. Editor-in-Chief Anthony Frausto-Robledo, AIA, LEED, AP selected what he considered the best software items in four categories: desktop, mobile, BIM and innovation.ARCHICAD BIM Best in Show Architosh 2015

ArchiCAD 19 was only announced weeks ago but has already garnered impressive reaction within the industry,” says Anthony Frausto-Robledo, AIA LEED AP. “GRAPHISOFT is relentless in its attack on its competitors in the area of raw horse-power, recognizing the limitations of sizable BIM models and the need for ever faster performance by tapping into the trend lines of microprocessor evolution.”

Pete Evans, AIA adds, “GRAPHISOFT’s new “predictive background processing” is very accomplished for a BIM tool. Refining the timing (through this patented technology) between the user and the software interaction is critical for fluid design and production. I’m very impressed!”ARCHICAD 19 Best in Show AIA 2015

  • Eligibility rules for recognition by Architosh in the Best of Show awards are published here.
  • More reviews and coverage of the ARCHICAD 19 release can be found in AEC Magazine, upFronteZine and AECCafe.
  • You can download a 30-day free trial of ARCHICAD 19 very soon, details coming!


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