“Skyscraper Village” Design Reaches Winning Heights with ArchiCAD

ArchiCAD Student Contest Winner
ArchiCAD Student Contest Winner

Skyscraper Village © Brendan Bakker

ArchitectsJURY.com, an online student architecture community, has selected the design of Brendan Bakker, a graduate student at the Technical University of Delft in The Netherlands as the winner of the 2011 Fall ArchitectsJURY competition. Bakker created an entry entitled Skyscraper Village for the online competition.

Designed using ArchiCAD, Bakker created Skyscraper Village to demonstrate his vision of a city that supplies its own food. He incorporated parks, open areas, dwellings, offices and industrial areas into the building so that it would function as a self-sufficient city while maintaining the goal for the design to create the feeling of being in a city. Bakker included multiple routes in his design to allow movement from one place in the building to another, just as real cities contain different routes to the same destination.

ArchiCAD Student Contest Winner

Brendan Bakker accepts an iMac for his winning entry in the ArchitectsJURY competition from Anne de Ruijtter of Kubus.

Bridges and platforms connect four towers making up the design to fully maximize the use of natural light. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Architecture at the Technical University of Delft Bakker says ArchiCAD provides a superior level of design engineering capability that does not hinder imagination. “ArchiCAD allows me to design detailed engineering drawings on a very high level, while giving me the creative freedom I need,” Brendan said.

A native of Voorschoten now living in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Bakker studied engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, specializing in architecture and the built environment. He expects to complete his Master’s degree next year.

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