We are all aflutter because once again GRAPHISOFT is sponsoring one of the hottest events at AIA! The TweetUp!!!

The TweetUp gives you a chance to bring all your virtual relationships built through social networking into reality. Through the magic of TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn, tumblr, reddit, StumbleUpon, digg… not to mention blogs, forums, etc… we can communicate across time zones, state lines, country borders and even get to know people from other walks of life who share a common interest.

Social networking is very powerful in that one can meet people we normally wouldn’t in our regular day to day routine – but nothing beats a face-to-face for making a long-lasting connection.

So that “cool” that is social networking gets kicked up a notch to the point where you can actually shake hands with the person you’ve only known in the ether… it is going to be THE social event of AIA.

The GRAPHISOFT sponsored AIA 2014 TweetUp.


What’s a TweetUp?

The name “TweetUp” comes from mashing “meet up” to “Tweet” – what is done on Twitter – and basically involves an informal get together where people who for the most part only know each other through an @user name to shake hands, network and socialize over snacks and cocktails (if that’s your thing).

The best part? No 140 character limit!

When is the TweetUp?

It’s happening on Friday during the AIA Conference in Chicaco- at the AIA Town Hall from 3:00 – 4:00.

How much is the TweetUp?

It’s free!

Who is going to the TweetUp?

GRAPHISOFT is sponsoring it, so we’ll be there for sure. There’ll be a quick speech and you’ll be invited back to our booth to look around and continue the fun. Pretty much anyone who’ll be at the AIA Conference on Friday can attend. To get an idea of who’ll be there ahead of time, monitor the hashtag #aiacon14 and #ArchiCAD to round up your list of user names to meet in person, maybe for the first time!

Why go to the TweetUp?

You’ll be getting a chance to transform the connections you already have online (which are virtual) into reality. You’ll be networking IRL (or “in real life”)

So make some time to get to know the user behind the @username and go to the TweetUp, you’ll be glad you did!

Not going to be at AIA?  No Worries.

(If you won’t be at the AIA Conference, don’t worry! You can still participate – the TweetUp will have a virtual element to it as well. Just follow the #aiacon14 hashtag on Twitter to keep up with the conversation. We’ll post photos and let you know what the buzz is about.)

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