Freedom to choose

ARCHICAD’s Flexible License Options meet the needs of today’s busy architectural studios

GRAPHISOFT’s flexible licensing options give you the freedom to choose the best licensing option to suit your business and your budget. From our low priced subscriptions to our perpetual options choose the license that best supports your business today. Or, use a mix to provide maximum flexibility and cash flow.

Subscription Licenses

Available on monthly or annual terms, Subscription Licenses offer a low-cost way to get started with ARCHICAD, that can be cancelled or added* in response to your workload. These are also a great addition for a busy ARCHICAD with existing Perpetual licenses but have the need for additional software from time to time. Best of all, Subscription licenses allow you to access the latest version of ARCHICAD, as well as a range of resources including discounted training, technical support and special member-only downloads.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Perpetual Licenses

Perpetual Licenses cost less over time as you own the software outright, forever. The software will can be upgraded at any time if you wish, or you can choose to take up ARCHIPLUS Membership to ensure you always have access to the latest version of the software. ARCHIPLUS Membership also entitles you to discounted training, priority technical support and special member-only content.

“Time spent in ARCHICAD accomplishes a vastly superior project”

General Design Inc

“ARCHICAD… has allowed us to take on more projects and increase profits”

Mittmann Architect

“We chose [ARCHICAD] because I needed an affordable option for starting up my consulting business. ARCHICAD’s monthly subscription options helped me to take on just a little at a time.”

Love | Schack Architecture

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