AIA 2013, A Look Back

AIA 2013, A Look Back

Booth2We have caught our breath after a successful show in Denver during the AIA 2013 National Convention. There were so many highlights, we hardly know where to begin!

It makes the most sense to start where all the action happened – our booth. This year, in addition to debuting ArchiCAD 17, the latest version of our premium BIM software – GRAPHISOFT unveiled a new booth design. The new look for our convention booth was designed and modeled in ArchiCAD and BIMx, of course! The goal of the new booth design centered around providing an open and welcoming space to better allow for comfortable interactions throughout the show. Booth3Judging by the crowds that gathered during all three days of the show, we achieved our goal. Visitors were able to relax and see first-hand how the use of the software simplifies the modeling and documentation of buildings. They also heard how the priority based connections built into the model automatically provide level sections and details – making all the work you’ve put into the BIM useful to the very end of the project. The new booth layout made it easy for 3D demonstrations of BIMx – the BIM presentation tool that runs on tablets (iPad or Droid), desktops and smart phones. The 3D glasses were a must to get the full effect of 3D fly-throughs of models created in ArchiCAD.

BIMx300GRAPHISOFT was proud to provide t-shirts for all the AIA Colorado volunteers – of course, they featured the Big Blue Bear – he might have been the most photographed part of Denver when the show was all said and done. This is the third year in a row, GRAPHISOFT has provided a fun, memorable tee shirt for the folks who help make the show run smoothly – we cannot thank them enough and look forward to dressing them again next year!

GRAPHISOFT also sponsored a show floor education session; “Creating Your Ecosystem.” Architects gathered in the AIA Convention Floor in CE Theatre C to hear Russ Sanders of Orcutt Winslow discuss how he and members of the O|W firm use ArchiCAD17 to create unique solutions that result in successful projects. It was an informative session on how to create a seamless, collaborative workflow and take advantage of all the capabilities of ArchiCAD 17 so that all team members – architects, engineers, contractors, and owner representatives can successfully pass files back and forth across time zones, platforms, and tools throughout the life of the project. Each member of the team can design and output work faster and more accurately by implementing IFC exchange, building information modeling (BIM) server technology, and other file sharing and checking tools.

tweetupAnd then there was Friday’s #TweetUp! What a fun, social event – that really served its purpose to build connections, network and cement those virtual bonds made online with a handshake and a shared cocktail or snack in real life. Located in the Emerging Professionals Town Square – just a hop, skip and a tweet from the GRAPHISOFT booth, it was a perfect location to enjoy and get to know the real people behind the user names. If you missed it, make sure to be at the next one – you won’t be sorry!


  1. Michael Scarmack

    Wish I would of walked upstair for the tweet-up irl rather than charging the phone downstairs ! Good tings learned at the GS booth, earlier in the week !!

  2. Iris Wise

    This event was indeed awesome. This debut is pretty impressive. I also find this latest version of BIM interesting. I’m sure this tool is going to work at its best. BIM is a trend these days and having this new version is just an indicator that technology is continuously polishing BIM.


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