At the GRAPHISOFT Key Client Conference in Budapest last month, long-time ArchiCAD user, Jonathan Segal shared his thoughts on how his firm uses ArchiCAD to build and develop high density urban housing in downtown San Diego, California. Considered one of the most successful residential architectural companies in the area, Segal has received dozens of local, state and national AIA awards.

The firm, Jonathan Segal Architects has relied on ArchiCAD since the mid-ninetes – and in their workflow, ArchiCAD has helped the firm create error-free door and window schedules, eliminating instances where drawings do not match some other part of the drawing.

With the new release of ArchiCAD 18, Segal says he’s looking forward to rendering directly in ArchiCAD. His team builds the physical models in white, but will be able to show the various materials in the digital model.


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