AIA-TweetUp-1GRAPHISOFT was proud to once again sponsor the AIA National Convention’s third annual TweetUp – which has quickly become THE social event of the convention.

The event is designed to help people who tweet to expand their virtual social connections into real life meetings. Why? Because the fact remains that no matter how much we love tweeting, retweeting, hash-tagging and posting – nothing beats the one-on-one connection that we, as humans crave.

AIA-TweetUp-3At 30, ArchiCAD is considerably older than the TweetUp. It is older than Twitter itself. In spite of the age difference, the software has very much in common with its 3 and 7 year old counterparts in this event.

For three decades GRAPHISOFT, the makers of ArchiCAD, have always been dedicated to supporting architects as they connect to their projects, their team members and their clients. The company demonstrates its constent committment to that aim through development of features such as TeamWork, the BIM Server and now, the BIMcloud – not so different from the aim of the AIA TweetUp or even Twitter.

AIA-TweetUp-2While 30 may be “old” in comparison to Twitter or even the TweetUp, ArchiCAD and GRAPHISOFT are still very, very cool.


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