GRAPHISOFT parent company, Nemetschek, announced today that it has become a founding partner in the buildingSMART International Strategic Advisory Council. This announcement signifies the company’s commitment to fostering better collaboration in the built environment industry.

GRAPHISOFT, along with each member of the Nemetschek group will be taking part. The companies are joined by Autodesk Trimble and HOK. All the companies participating in this advisory council have a shared goal of making open standards such as IFC and BCF – supported in GRAPHISOFT’s ArchiCAD 18 – the standard for model-based collaboration.

In the official release, Viktor Varkonyi, member of the Executive Board of Nemetschek AG said,

“The Nemetschek Group welcomes this strategic initiative. … Ultimately we want to ensure that end-users can build their collaborative workflows based on the highest possible quality neutral data exchange.”

When efficient and quality exchange of information is supported between various software solutions, the buildingSMART vision of establishing a universal collaboration format for building models will be realized.

GRAPHISOFT is proud to be a part of that vision.

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