BIM – Explained in less than 3:30 (we promise!)

Do you see BIM as a type of software? Or is BIM a process? Are you in the group that considers BIM as an organized collection of all building data?

This short video examines the debate over what BIM is, what is it used for and who should use it.

BIM doesn’t exist without the 3D Model – but it is far more than just geometry and textures added for visualization.

The 3D model contains elements that serve as a prototype for actual parts of a building – to allow for understanding of how the building will “behave” in various environments. Therefore it is a tool for making smart design choices, improving energy efficiency and keeping costs in check.

BIM is useful in giving realistic demonstrations of planned design alternatives. Functions well as a selling tool for chosen designs. Change management is a breeze when assisted by BIM – which stores data and automatically replicates changes in every view of the building at each stage of a building’s creation. BIM is valuable because it contains architectural data from all engineering disciplines and sustainability characteristics so that they can be incorporated before actual construction begins. BIM can even estimate non-visually represented information, such as scheduling information and the project budget. Through BIM, the cost of a building can be monitored at any given point – not just while the building is being constructed, but over the life of the building.

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