BIM Server Builds International Team Lineup

Part two of our interview with iPda director Chuck Goodman, describes how working with the BIM Server breaks down walls by providing a link to international team members. Goodman discusses how the BIM Server became a key factor in collaboration and integration – providing a competitive edge in a challenging economic environment. Working with a variety of languages, system of measurements and even time zone variations was facilitated and made possible by the BIM Server.

iPda Charles Good-Man — Part 2 BIM Server


  1. Mehdi Nasermoadeli

    As an Architectural office in Bremen, Germany , we use Archchicad 21 which was updated from version 20. as a matter of fact, we used BIM Server version 20 before we updated software. but now, we can not use BIM Server since our licenses are not match togeather. the question is;
    1-Is BIM Server 21 is with in the Archicad 21 package?
    2-If so, how can we upgrade/update our BIM Server?

    Best Regards


    • Jared Banks

      Sorry I’m just seeing this comment now. If both ARCHICAD and BIM Server are on the same version and update number, then they should work. If your BIM Server version 21 isn’t working with your license, contact your local GRAPHISOFT reseller/tech support/office for help.


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