Collaborate on Monson MA Recovery at ABX

Collaborate on Monson MA Recovery at ABX

Monson TornadoDuring the ABX Show from November 14th-16th GRAPHISOFT is working with the Community Design Resource Center of Boston (CDRC) and the Western Massachusetts Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (WMAIA), in supporting a design charrette event to focus on ways to assist the town of Monson, MA in recovering from a local natural disaster.

Monson TornadoLast June, a tornado swept through Monson, a community of 8,560 located 23 miles east of Springfield. The tornadoes damaged or completely demolished some 1,400 homes and 78 businesses. The estimated cost of the damage to insured property was more than $200 million. More than a year later, many parts of the town are still in the process of rebuilding.

On Thursday November 15th than 200 architects and design professionals will team up with town leaders and residents to collaboratively brainstorm concepts for vital areas of Monson, MA during a design charrette. The four hour collaborative session will focus on producing a vision of how the community can restore the heart of Monson’s community in buildings that serve as focal points, meeting places and locations that provide services. The charrette team will be equipped with ArchiCAD software and work as a group. They will also be able to share their suggestions and designs with Monson community members who will have access via an Internet connection to view the models in real-time through ArchiCAD’s BIM Server

Monson TornadoThe models created will help community leaders and residents get a sense of how the remaining buildings can be realized. The team has been asked to focus on a number of different rebuilding scenarios for five downtown sites. Monson is already in the process of interviewing architects to carry out the town hall project, and has some grant monies to use towards public spaces, too.

“We’re pleased and honored to contribute to Monson’s recovery,” said Steve Benford, GRAPHISOFT North America, managing director. “A charrette is a terrific format for stimulating creativity, and ArchiCAD and our BIM Server are great tools to channel the creative energy of the designers with the practical realities of the town leadership.”

“The CDRC is thrilled to have the support of GRAPHISOFT for this charrette,” said Gretchen Schneider, executive director, CDRC of Boston. “Since the software and technology to use it is being donated, we consider it a huge financial head start on what can be a costly project. The boost will allow the town of Monson to seize this opportunity to recover,
re-sync and look ahead to what a 21st century New England town can be.”


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