Los Angeles based ARCHICAD firm, Dan Brunn Architecture (DBA) designs and develops commercial and residential projects for clients throughout the world. Their choice of software supports the firm’s ability to take on a variety of projects ranging from interior renovations to large scale commercial, hospitality and retail.

At the initial phase of a project, clean modernist sketches by hand manifest early design ideas, but Brunn quickly moves those ideas into ARCHICAD to test out concepts. Cinema 4D which has been native in ARCHICAD since version 18 supplies beautiful renderings. DBA has also modeled furniture and created product designs in ARCHICAD.

Principal Dan Brunn told us that throughout the past ten years of using ARCHICAD his firm often appears larger to prospective clients because of his team’s competence with multiple projects on a grand scale.

 “The reality that the software is robust and efficiencies help us rely on smaller manpower and many clients are surprised to learn how we manage it. Having used AutoCAD before switching to ARCHICAD, I can really see the difference between the two workflows. In fact, when I opened my own office I knew I would need BIM that would grow with my business.”

TeamWork and the BIM Server functionality in ARCHICAD allow DBA to assign team members to parts of the project. Being able to release pieces of the project as needed helps them work on something at the same time. “Before TeamWork, managing project elements between more than one staff member was cumbersome. We’d come across issues when someone would update an elevation of a section, and it wouldn’t refresh the floor plan. TeamWork lets me grant access to specific parts, and it automatically updates, preventing communication errors.”

As DBA grows, Brunn relies on ARCHICAD to help him focus on his creative role as a principal. Managing his time in this way he finds the freedom to do other tasks, network, seek new opportunities.

Brunn says working in ARCHICAD is enjoyable and highlights working in 3D as a fun aspect of it. Using a single software from schematics and all the way to construction documents in ARCHICAD simplifies firm’s work environment. “We don’t have to rely on another piece of software in the middle. If any other firm starts in SketchUp and has to migrate into 3D – they have to do everything twice. We can make the model as simple as we want, it doesn’t have to have the information from the beginning you can add as you go.”

“In terms of coordination, we never have to worry is this drawing actually here? All the information is taken care of. Other software requires going back and verifying. The knowledge that ARCHICAD is developed by architects is apparent in the way the software moves and thinks.”



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