Natalie Martinez Architecture, based in Atlanta, GA created the video clip below, highlighting a recent home design project. The expertly produced piece describes the processes the firm uses to create a living space that fulfills one particular family’s set of values. We recently spoke to owner, Natalie Martinez about the project. She told us that on this home design, she began with a series of conversations, all aimed at pinpointing what the home needed to be for the family. Once they had arrived at a rough sketch Martinez took the design into ARCHICAD. 

Martinez used ARCHICAD to create animated sun studies. One focused on how light moved through the interior of the propert and another on how much sun shone on the surrounding property. This information proved very valuable in helping the family decide where to lay out their gardens in the back of the home.

“We used ARCHICAD to model every single tree on the property,” explained Martinez. “Because we were able to control the amount of foliage – the sun study helped make decisions about their gardens. Add the fact that the animation was based on data, not speculation, it absolutely served its purpose as dynamic and effective tool in the design process.”

“ARCHICAD is always very useful to us – it allows us to present our ideas clearly and simply. During the design phase, being able to hone in on specific elements and talk our clients through them in 3D – the ideas are much more digestible.”

At press time, the Oldfield Farmhouse is completed and its owners are in the process of moving in.

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