First Fridays for Education

A new school year, new software and new blog features for just for you! Introducing “First Fridays for Education”, every first Friday of the month, you’ll see a new video tutorial, along with inspiring stories of students and professors who are pushing the limits of design and productivity with ARCHICAD.

Check out the first tutorial, 5 Ways to Rock Your Studio World.

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NJIT’s Tutorial Tuesdays

One of our favorite places to visit is New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).  It was there that students relied on ARCHICAD to wow their competition at a Masonry Design Build competition – presenting their design in BIMx for the first time ever during the competition. Check out that post here10-01-15-First-Friday-1

We recently returned to campus for NJIT’s Tutorial Tuesday program. Zoltan Toth, ARCHICAD guru, visited campus for a hands-on presentation showing students how to use ARCHICAD to expand their designs in BIM and improve their studio projects.

Zoltan introduced the students to newer features of ARCHICAD such as BIMx PRO a mobile app that lets students create stunning design presentations and the new Rhino – Grasshopper – ARCHICAD connection. That connection allows users to pass on the geometry of a model made in ARCHICAD to Rhino efficiently and allows for Rhino/Grasshopper design geometry to be converted directly into BIM construction elements and the Morph Tool, which allows the creation of free-form objects making it unnecessary to import special objects and shapes from other programs.

Thanks to NJIT for being such great hosts and we look forward to the next Tutorial Tuesday!

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Learn it, Work it

Those of you that are blog readers or attended AIAS Grassroots 2014 might recall the name Drew Paul Bell. Drew was profiled on the blog highlighting his success learning ARCHICAD in college, which then helped him find a job working at Robert M. Cain Architect, an Atlanta, GA based ARCHICAD firm. His responsibilities since joining the team last year involve BIM modeling, generating renderings, and producing drawings all in ARCHICAD. It has been about two years since we’ve checked in with Drew and wanted to get his perspective on making the transition from student to professional life and what advice he has for current architecture students.

“In school, what you’re doing is making sure the building looks good – focusing on the schematic design phase – but when you get out of school, producing drawings will be really important for communicating with contractors, engineers, and city departments. Get used to looking through the lens of producing working drawings, not only the presentation drawings, because that’s what matters in the practice. I advise students to explore that aspect of the software, even if you have to do it on a self-directed basis.”

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ARCHICAD is Intern Friendly

Summer internships are the place to finally put into practice all the things you have learned during the year.  Danielle Jones, Kent State University Graduate Student, and AIAS Midwest Quad Director, landed a great internship at Strada, Pittsburg, PA. There was only one concern, she had never used ARCHICAD.  She had learned Revit, a different BIM software.  Never fear, she did the only logical thing, took the internship and learned ARCHICAD!

She admits to some trepidation upon being asked to work in a new software – (she had just learned Revit). Jones tells us she came to a surprising conclusion after gaining some experience with ARCHICAD.

“ARCHICAD was user-friendly! One of my favorite features was its multi-interface (Teamwork) function and toolbar as well as the pet pallet. As far as I know, being that my knowledge of Revit is limited, Revit does not have these types of options as readily available. While there are pros and cons to both BIM systems, I feel that ARCHICAD does not limit the designer’s creativity and creates rather than produces. I am constantly advocating that Kent State should invest in this software.”

Download a free copy of ARCHICAD today at and take advantage of the many free online learning tools such as the extensive YouTube Channel tutorial collection, the interactive step-by-step BIM Learning Studio, and the GRAPHISOFT Help Center, full of helpful ‘how-to’s.



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