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The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) and GRAPHISOFT want to help you Stand Out and get yourself noticed by potential employers. Learn how to use BIMx to create an interactive, mobile portfolio at the upcoming Grassroots Leadership Conference in DC. GRAPHISOFT’s Catherine Cabezas and Rita Hicks will be presenting some useful tips for attendees to hone their presentation skills and highlight what is most appealing to potential hiring decision makers.
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There are many ways to learn how to stand out during the Grassroots Leadership Conference. You can practice your interview skills during mock interviews by signing up here.

The entire conference offers unmatched progressive programs, information, and resources on issues critical to architecture and the experience of education. The mission of the AIAS is to promote excellence in architectural education, training, and practice; to foster an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines; to enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration; and to organize students and combine their efforts to advance the art and science of architecture.

LEED Dream Home Contest winner

Once again, high school students from across the United States put their ARCHICAD knowledge to work competing in an annual National LEED Dream Home contest, sponsored by Arizona based STEM curriculum developer, the CAD Academy.

The CAD Academy®, a secondary and post-secondary engineering and architectural program designed to inspire a new generation of engineers and architects at a price educators can afford provides instructors throughout the United States a way to give students an opportunity to get hands-on experience with BIM software, namely ARCHICAD. The contest requires participants to comply with LEED requirements while designing their project in ARCHICAD, software provided by GRAPHISOFT. 

“We have terrific support for this alternative learning style showing this type of motivation works. Thanks go out to everyone who helped with the contest. There were so amazing entries that the judges had difficult decisions to make,” said Stephanie Kvamme, CAD Academy President. “Students learned about BIM by using ARCHICAD a BIM modeler and learned about green and sustainable design from videos and from their instructors. Congratulations to all students and instructors who had entries in this contest for an exceptional job done. It was very close. We are proud to present the winning entries.”

First place went to Oscar Visencio of Hamilton High School – his located his dream home in Colorado, and used local materials that are friendly to that particular environment. Visencio took advantage of sunlight with southwest facing and used R50 insulation and a green roof to boost energy efficiency.

Oscar Visencio 1st place Steve Spyksra Hamilton High SchoolDenver Design

The design submission by Davis Quist took second place – his home featured highly efficient exterior walls made of hemp crete. He included a geothermal heat pump and a 200 gallon water cistern, specifying solar shingles to capitalize on the entire roof surface area to produce energy.

Davis Quist 2nd place Rhonda Bromley Principal, Sam Jerman Superintendent Lone Peak HShempcrete home

Look to Arizona to find the third place winning design by Meredith Bahlin – also of Hamilton High School. She sited the home against a hill to help keep the house cool and takes advantage of native landscaping with minimal site disturbance, specifying an Energy Star R 80.2 insulation throughout.

Meredith Bahling 3rd place Steve Spykstra Hamilton High SchoolArizona Hill Home

Congratulations to all the winners of the LEED Dream Home Contest!!

Colorado Mountain College Counts on ARCHICAD

In Steamboat Springs Architect and adjunct professor at Colorado Mountain College (CMC), Laura Beauregard wrapped up the first ARCHICAD course at the college this past spring semester. A long time user of ARCHICAD in her personal practice, Beauregard reports a successful first run of the CAD 119 course, which made use of the Alpine Campus’ Mac Lab. 

Students enrolled in CAD 119 followed a mission to advance work-ready skills and facilitate the student’s transition into the workforce. The semester included a Jury Presentation of an Independent Project, a Resume and a Group Project. A-1 COVER SHEET _ Layout

In the beginning, the students explored the ARCHICAD Toolbox and created 3D models. Then Cover Sheets were developed from the models. The Final Presentations provided an opportunity to defend the unique passion, as expressed in their Independent Projects, in front of a Jury of five professionals from the local design build community and the college.

The Group Project included documenting the site and the Academic Center, where the Mac Lab is located. Collaboration with classmates was a prime objective of this exercise.

“The class syllabus evolved from other similar courses taught in the CMC network that focus on creating construction documents with computer drafting technologies,” explained Beauregard. “CMC was supportive of my desire to present a class in ARCHICAD. Overall, our faculty reacted positively to the Final Presentations and the students loved working in the software. By the end of the course, I can honestly say we all learned something.”


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