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We know that many students of architecture will be graduating soon and looking for that first position in the field. It can be a daunting and intimidating time in a young professional’s life. To help you get a handle on what experts and professionals look for in job candidates, we asked them some key questions.

Veronica Schreibeis, Vera Iconica Architecture

We spoke to Veronica Schreibeis, Principal Architect, Vera Iconica Architecture and Patrick Bird, President of Riverstone Structural Concepts Phil Allsopp, D.Arch, RIBA, FRSA, CSBA, Chief Design Officer, Smart Pad Living, LLC and Arizona State University Senior Sustainability Scientist. These three successful and accomplished ARCHICAD users were gracious enough to offer their input on what makes a candidate appealing to an employer and other tips for the college graduate. 

Need to Know for New Graduates

New grads need to know that the learning doesn’t stop when the degree is conferred. As Schreibeis – put it, “What you have been trained to do the past 4+ years has given you knowledge in only about 10% of what you will spend your career doing. Get ready to learn the other 90%!” So keep learning and pushing yourself to acquire new skills and techniques. How do you know what you need to know? 

Patrick Bird, Riverstone Structural Concepts

Patrick Bird, Riverstone Structural Concepts

Think about the process you went through to select your university or college – you pored over brochures, learned about the professors and programs offered and debated heavily about where you would feel most challenged yet comfortable enough to grow in your learning career. Take the same level of concern and inquiry to your employer search, advises Bird. “Research the company you are applying for. Review their website, understand what they do, formulate some relative questions to their market or projects.”

Phil Allsopp, Smart Pad Living

That approach to a job interview or position involves looking beyond the question, “am I right for them?” and seeks to answer, “are they right for me?”. This manner of approaching a task, a crossroads or even an assignment with an open mind can assist you in becoming a “must-have” applicant. Avoid making assumptions about a position, a firm or even a project. Allsopp says the key to becoming valuable to a client involves “looking for the driving, underlying forces that create the perception in your client’s mind that they need to engage in the design of a new or retrofitted structure of some kind. … Your skills as a design thinker have great value in business (and in other walks of life) beyond just the cranking out designs for a new or retrofitted building.” 


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student-design-competition-home-page (1)2016 Spring Student Design Competition

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Architecture and interior design students (graduate or undergraduate) from the United States, were challenged to develop and design a mobile visitor center, using shipping containers, that could be constructed in various locations around the city of Philadelphia.

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