Five minutes about ArchiCAD 15

AEC Cafe – AIA Convention 2011, Featuring Kurt Ameringer

Sanjay Gangal from AEC Cafe interviewed Kurt Ameringer, Graphisoft’s Director of Virtual Design and Construction during the AIA Convention.

Kurt neatly sums up the highlights of ArchiCAD 15 – which expands design freedom, enhances design experience and broadens design scope.

  • Design Freedom: ArchiCAD 15 users will be able to model any form desired, from concept to life cycle of the building. This goes beyond a temporary suspension of gravity for fun, it is fully functional and available all the way through documentation and building.
  • Design Experience: ArchiCAD 15 users will have greater ability to see where we are within a design space, can do everything you need to do withing the 3D space. All actions can take place inside the 3D window.
  • Design Scope: ArchiCAD 15 world wide studies show the growth of renovation projects, rehabbing facilities – so this iteration of ArchiCAD helps fill that need by improving a dedicated solution, streamlining the process and customizing it for the user – employing a WYSIWYG profile – in graphical environment, you can see what’s new, existing, what’s proposed, what’s to be demolished and that carries all the way out to sharing data

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  1. Jared Banks

    I’m excited to see how the upgrades to working in 3D will help new users learn ArchiCAD faster and also help that segment of current users not capitalizing on the model to feel more comfortable in 3D.

  2. Massimo

    the evolution of this software is just great works. For to do small work is enough archicad 10.

  3. Ezeh M O

    I am so happy, finally ArchiCad has achieved that flexibility. So much thanks to graphisoft

  4. Kalulu

    it is good, and very interesting project of increasing the capacity of people in how to work with ARCHICAD.
    Please I have need the key and serial number of Archicad 11 and 13 if you have please send to me, because has been forgotten where I place that key.

    • msims

      Hi Kalulu – I sent you an email about your request. Please reply to it and I will help you. Best – Marianne

  5. Fabio Cantu

    Very nice!
    I´m looking forward to use the new release of archicad!
    Thank you graphisoft
    But, you really could make the mesh tool something easyer to use, don´t you think (not talking about survey data xyz)

  6. johnmark

    can someone help to have archicad? a architecture student

  7. UmadTech71

    Out of the box Archicad 15 has provided so many new and exciting things withing to do the program. My only problem is the need for more bidet objects out of the box box.


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