Announcing Virtual Reality Enabled BIMx with Google Cardboard

You have come to know and trust BIMx, our award-winning BIM project presentation application, for bringing your ARCHICAD Building Information Model to mobile devices. Now you can use it with Google CardboardTM, a practical alternative to Virtual Reality headsets. This addition of virtual reality (VR) technology enhances the eye-catching presentations and brings VR to more people in a fun and easy way.

cardboardbimx-presslores-07-montageBIMx and BIMx PRO with Google Cardboard functionality furthers the ability of ARCHICAD firms to blow their customers away with design ideas. Their models truly come alive during BIMx presentations. VR capacity significantly raises that wow factor.

BIMx users worldwide have requested the addition of virtual reality capability to BIMx. This enhanced functionality provides architectural and interior design firms an impressive way to share their detailed models. Users can look around from pre-defined positions and enable a free walking mode with custom speed options.

For a full demonstration of the new VR capability added to BIMx, please visit – Using Google Cardboard with BIMx on Android and iPhone 

With this update, BIMx users on iPads and Android tablets can use the Multitasking and Split View features, using two apps side-by-side. URL-based data exchange between BIMx and other apps offers a smooth user experience.

The update also enables selection of more than one element from an inbound hyperlink, facilitating easy data access on construction sites and with facility management. BIMx offers a feature for locating building components in the Virtual Building easily, which greatly helps with checking and marking up these elements on site. To access BIM elements in the 3D model quickly, insert these hyperlinks into any website, a Facilities Management database or into a product catalog application.

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