Have we been BIM-washed?

ArchiCAD user, Christopher “Kit” Johnson AIA, LEED AP, CNU of Texas firm, Architecture 365, Inc. was just featured on a recent report that aired on CNBC.

The report by Amanda Drury, highlighted the tremendous power of BIM technology to save money in renovation projects. Drury does a good job of explaining how BIM technology makes that possible, but she clearly misrepresents Johnson, an ArchiCAD user – by referring to Autodesk throughout the piece.

Johnson communicated his displeasure with the piece shortly after it aired. Saying

You know what I would love to see…..an article entitled “Bim-wash”. No one is exposing the truth about BIM out there.  When projects are published I would love to see some transparency as to what softwares were used.  This would level the playing field a bit.  Small firms like ours are producing incredible construction documents seamlessly with ArchiCAD. This video is clearly an example of BIM-wash.

Graphisoft has officially requested CNBC retract or clarify the report it filed. We await their response.


  1. Jorge

    frustrating to say the least!

  2. stefkeB

    Alas, in several communities where people talk about BIM, they equate this to Revit, which is indeed frustrating.

    I am an ArchiCAD user, but stand neutral in all the things I say and teach about BIM. And I do hope that more open BIM solutions will arise. (E.g. IFC modellers, where all data and information stays open, platform and application agnostic). Not sure this will happen though. It did, more or less, for programming (e.g. HTML, javascript, java, c++) where you can change platforms, shift from editor to others and still retain control.

  3. Nicholas Cornia

    Wow, this is very upsetting. Here is a very beautiful ArchiCAD project being misrepresented. The reporters did not do their homework. They probably just Googled “BIM” and copied the first thing they found. Also, the term BIM is so confusing. Many have no idea what it means and simply use it because it is the buzz word. I think Graphisoft’s term “Virtual Building”, which is essentially the same thing, is much clearer language of what is trying to be achieved.

  4. cfdarch

    To bad they continually mention Autodesk and Revit

  5. Raymundo Glez

    Por otro lado creo que a Autodesk tampoco le fue nada bien pues imaginense que estos reporteros haciendo un reportaje que evidentemente beneficia a Revit de Autodesk el profesional que encontraron que mejor representanta a esta revolucion industrial BIM en Texas, fue uno que utiliza ArchiCAD, ironico!

    On the other hand I think that Autodesk also neither fared well so imagine that these reporters doing a story that evidently benefits to Autodesk Revit, the professional found who best represents to the industrial revolution BIM in Texas, was one using ArchiCAD, ironic!

  6. Francois

    Thank you Graphisoft for taking a stance on behalf of us all.
    I have no problem if credit is given where due, but please first get the 90% facts straight before speaking your 10% opinion CNBC.
    Shame Amanda, this could go down as a most memorable blunders of your career.
    If you at least learned this important lesson it might make you be more thorough and respectful next time. But the damage must still be contained and rectified.
    In the end the truth will reign – which it should too. Why spread the lie?

  7. Charlie Mc

    Unfortunate on the product recognition…but she did say BIM software “like this one from Autodesk” and later software “like Autodesk Revit”. She use the word “like” several times in relationship to the plug for Autodesk. Kit stated “if we did not have the BIM technology” and missed the opportunity to plug ArchiCAD.

  8. Rajib Dey

    BIMwash caused by inexperience manifests itself when the link between a BIM deliverable and itsrequirements is not acknowledged



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