Please check compatibility before updating!

GRAPHISOFT is maintaining compatibility for ArchiCAD 17 and 18 and connected products (BIMcloud, BIMx, BIM Server, BIM Server Manager) on OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Based on GRAPHISOFT’s initial testing, ArchiCAD 17 and 18 generally work well on 10.10 with some minor issues that are detailed in this article.

BIMx users should note, that BIMx will not run until the first compatibility update for ArchiCAD.

As you get ready to update, here are some OS upgrade best practices to keep in mind:

Before any operating system upgrade we advise that you:

  1. Generate external back-ups of your data.
  2. Pick an appropriate time to upgrade the OS, when deadline pressures are minimal.
  3. Have a computer restoration method in place to revert to the previous state if necessary.

Important for BIM Server:

Please be sure to export your data and uninstall BIM Server before upgrading your OS. Then re-install BIM Server and re-import data.

More Information:

Click here to stay up-to-date on ArchiCAD and BIMx compatibility testing. For general support questions, please visit our support page.



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