Register now for an informative webinar on BIMx and BIMx Pro. Scheduled for July 7th from 12 PM – 1 PM Eastern, participants will receive a live demonstration of how to make the most of cloud storage in BIMx and BIMx Pro.

There are many reasons why this webinar will be valuable. Cloud storage is increasingly moving to being the obvious choice of multi-platform and mobile users. Users who travel or work from multiple locations find it absolutely necessary to stay on top of projects. BIMx is widely used in the AEC industry for design presentations to project stakeholders, and the ability to sync a project model to the latest version is essential in an on-site situation.

BIMx Docs for AndroidGRAPHISOFT wants to help you close the gap between file management apps and BIMx. Learn how the document picker allows users to link popular Cloud storage services like iCloud and Dropbox to the BIMx app. As a result, downloading and opening BIMx models becomes seamless.

Please join us for a free, online webinar on July 7th during which you will receive a live demonstration of BIMx Cloud Storage Access.

The webinar will also cover new features in BIMx Pro such as:
  • Control Per Element Information: The real power of BIMx lies in fusing Building Element Information into every bit of the model. From model element quantities to external web links to manufacturer product sheets, the designer can share information specific to each stakeholder’s needs. Using Apple’s data detector technology, the information in an info tag is recognized as an e-mail, telephone number, hyperlink or address, providing direct links to the corresponding mobile app.
  • AirPrint: BIMx PRO allows users to print 3D and 2D contents of BIMx Hyper-models from iOS devices on AirPrint-compatible printers. Now, clients and all other project stakeholders can quickly print a model detail or even an entire drawing sheet from BIMx PRO without needing to know how to use ARCHICAD.
  • Zone Stamps on the Floor Plans and Zone Labels in the 3D model are interactive within the BIMx model. By tapping on these items you can access Zone info tags where architects can provide additional information about room finishes or any other space-related details.
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