Seven Minutes about ArchiCAD at AIA

GRAPHISOFT BIM Consultant, Ransom Ratcliff was interviewed by AEC Cafe’s Sanjay Gangal during this year’s AIA show. During their brief chat, Ratcliff gave an overview and highlights of what was being shown at the booth – namely ArchiCAD 17, GRAPHISOFT’s new version of building information modeling software.

In this version of ArchiCAD – you’ll find smart building materials that help automate the BIM. The software has been updated to include energy analysis – which will help architects make important energy saving design decisions from the beginning. The software includes a large library of materials built-in. In addition, the software has been enhanced with background processing to help architects be more efficient. ArchiCAD 17 also provides a way for the user to leverage the BIM to produce more work – whether it is more details or energy information – the software works to multiply the human effort.

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  1. Michael Scarmack

    Ransom Ratcliff of GS is correct about the enhancements to AC 17…… BIMx….Building Materials……BEM (Building Energy Modeling) are all extraordinary enhancements…..

    I am not sure he mentioned the added features to the Morph tool.

    This is a very timely release as it can assit the architect and other design professionals to regain the mastery of the building envelope, in form and in function through proper use of the tools at hand !

    This architect, for one, is ready for its (AC17) utilization for more worldwide collaboration via the BIM Server to counter climate disruption through great building design and transportation smartness.


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