The expression, “less is more” certainly applies to the recent announcement from GRAPHISOFT about its award-winning and extremely popular BIM presentation app known as BIMx. The company has updated the product name, simplified its licensing structure and added flexibility to the ways the app can be purchased and used within a project.

While much has changed, there are some things that stayed the same. Here’s what you need to know.

BIMx is still the powerful, eye-catching, client-impressing free app it has always been. This is the app you’ve come to know and love for its ability to communicate design intent in a way that any person can understand. Clients can grasp the feeling of their new bedroom, addition or office space – before it is built. They can take it with them after your meeting on their own iPad or Android tablet and view the model at their leisure. GRAPHISOFT recommends this app for clients, since it provides free access to the 3D portion of any building models in BIMx format. There is an easy upgrade path for any BIMx user to move to a PRO level license, through an in-app purchase process. The upgrade gives the user the full scope of the BIM project published in BIMx format.

BIMx PRO needs to be in every architect’s tool box. Formerly known as BIMx Docs, the app at this level opens up the ability to view 2D and 3D content (the Hyper-model) of any project saved to a BIMx format. BIMx PRO can travel with you to the job site and allow you to view the construction documents with the touch of your finger. No more is there a need to print multiple sets of plans, the tablet contains everything. For just $49.99, the BIMx PRO user can access an unlimited number of projects on a single device.

BIMx Model Sharing gives architects a way to share access to a particular BIMx Hyper-model (with full 2D and 3D content) – an entire project team can download the model on as many devices as needed.

BIMx is available in the App Store and on Google Play. Visit the BIMx product site or view this short video for further details. Sign up for our upcoming BIMx Webinar on March 10 for a live demonstration of BIMx and BIMx PRO.

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  1. Cody Fox

    What other apps exists for presentations.


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