Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

In honor of the Steve Jobs legacy to information technology and even to GRAPHISOFT as a company, Hungarian sculptor, Erno Toth has been commissioned to create a larger than life sculpture of the late Apple co-founder.  The statue is set to be dedicated on December 21, at Graphisoft Park near the company’s headquarters in Budapest, Hungary.

GRAPHISOFT debuted the first version of ArchiCAD software on a Lisa computer back in 1984. The Lisa computer was an early predecessor to the Macintosh we know today. When Mr. Jobs attended that premier demonstration of ArchiCAD, he offered to provide Apple’s full support to its development and distribution. This decision arguably changed the fate of GRAPHISOFT as a company.

“Apple gave us cash and computers at a time when GRAPHISOFT was a young company with very limited resources; the technology represented by those computers wasn’t available in our part of the world,” said GRAPHISOFT chairman Gabor Bojar. “Many say that Steve Jobs’ greatest merit was his vision: he understood where the world was headed. But we believe there is more to it. Steve not only understood where the world was going, he shaped its future.”

The bronze likeness will stand over 7-feet tall and weigh nearly 440 lbs and depicts Jobs in his now iconic wardrobe of blue jeans and a mock turtleneck. Sculptor Erno Toth says he is paying close attention to how he portrays Jobs’ facial expressions and posture. Since the statue is dynamic rather than static, the artist pored over hours of video footage from Jobs’ many lectures.

Steve Jobs Gets Bronze After-Life

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