Disclaimer: This is a blog about software and will remain one for the duration of its existence – however – we will digress momentarily to have a little fun with a fashion forward footwear trend spotted at the recent Architizer A+ Awards.

Red shoelaces.

Leave it to a room filled with architects and designers to find a new twist on a practical and functional accessory. This fashion forward footwear trend has been hitting the streets for a while. But unlike other popular footwear fascinations – this one does not seem to be losing step. 

The colorful laces could be seen throughout the room on several of the guests. For these men, adding contrast and color demonstrates their attention to detail at even the smallest level – and the ability to have some fun. All qualities you want in a good architect or designer!

Thanks to my ninja photographer who stole these shots after we noticed the trend. 

Red Shoelaces Red Shoelaces

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