A wealth of easy to understand information about using ARCHICAD is available to new ARCHICAD users, prospects, students and anyone who wants to sharpen their current skills with the software. There you can also find a full-fledged BIM Curriculum to support the education of students, young architects and building industry professionals. This unique educational resource includes 12 seminar lectures supplemented by Lecture Notes and Teachers Notes to cover a full semester.

Five volumes of GRAPHISOFT approved training resources take on various aspects of using the software and are geared toward different levels of knowledge and interest. Each volume includes a step-by-step PDF manual, narrated video clips and ARCHICAD project files for hands-on practice. Each volume builds on the previous – or can be viewed in random order depending on the viewer’s skill level. The volumes are summarized below.

Volume 1 – Beginner level

This section begins with introducing the fundamental concepts, techniques and key benefits of GRAPHISOFT’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions. The training will familiarize you with the interface and navigation as well as the modeling, documentation and publishing concepts of ARCHICAD.

Volume 2 – Novice level

You can skip to the second volume of the ARCHICAD Training Series to learn quick hands-on experience with ARCHICAD. Students and teachers may want to begin here to establish the fundamental conceptual modeling and visualization techniques via the creation of a residential building. It helps you understand the conceptual modeling and massing concepts of ARCHICAD.

Volume 3 – Intermediate level

Want to dive deeper into the generic modeling and documentation solutions of ARCHICAD? Head to volume three – to get a good understanding of ARCHICAD’s modeling and documentation tools, Get instruction on how to create the basic envelope of a building using external DWG data for the terrain, exterior walls with different construction methods, slabs, roofs with associative connection to exterior walls, timber structures and foundations.

Volume 4 – Advanced level

Even the most advanced users may want to sharpen a skill now and then. This volume serves as an ideal source for anyone who would like to get a deeper understanding of the ARCHICAD’s modeling and documentation solutions. This volume simulates an architectural office environment and imposes certain standards in a template file. Loading this template allows the team members to adapt the same standards and avoid inconsistencies during modeling and documentation.

Volume 5 – Teamwork level

At this level, experienced users can unlock the power of ARCHICAD and Teamwork – It will teach you how to join a project and start working in teams, how flexible it is to reserve elements for editing, how the colored workspace schemes help communication with other team members.

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