Kurt Ameringer was interviewed while on the show floor at GreenBuild Toronto – he spoke about some key points to consider when deciding to switch to a BIM method for designing, constructing and managing buildings. This brief video will describe how design firms seeking a significant competitive advantage, increased productivity, improved collaboration and overall building quality will do well to adopt ArchiCAD BIM.

Of course every situation and firm treats workflow differently – plans to collaborate and manage your expenses and IT investment will all factor in to determining the appropriate operational infrastructure, network and computing technology needed to support a firm’s ArchiCAD 3D BIM workflow.

As Ameringer points out, when considering the move to a BIM software platform, it is important to identify what changes are sought, what solutions the software will provide. ArchiCAD can deliver drawings faster, can maintain current 2D processes while improving drawing coordination. ArchiCAD makes it possible for your firm to provide additional services such as design, documentation and modeling. The firms using ArchiCAD are able to give their clients a detailed model, validate all pieces fit and deliver plans that leave no surprises at the construction site.

One of the promises of ArchiCAD BIM is to “do more with less.” ArchiCAD BIM offers a new way to conduct business. It requires a total rethink of how projects are set up, developed and delivered, how data get managed and shared, and how collaboration happens. ArchiCAD BIM allows you to collaborate with new partners and respond to opportunities outside your region. Even with a lean staffing model ArchiCAD users can attain higher performance levels for greater efficiency and profitability.

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