The wait is (almost) over. GRAPHISOFT® has announced today the latest version of its industry-leading BIM software solution for architects and designers, is coming. In order to make this version of ArchiCAD BIM software the best it could be for architects, GRAPHISOFT focused on addressing workflow issues and creating ways to support the creative design process without interruption.

There’s lots to be excited about in this release – so we’ll break it down for you here. Many of the innovations in ArchiCAD 18 will smooth out your BIM workflow. Architects will be pleased to see that the CINEMA 4D rendering is now fully-incorporated into ArchiCAD 18. This innovation will let you create models with high-end photo-rendering capabilities previously found only in professional visualization applications.

ArchiCAD 18 has:

  • GRAPHISOFT® BIMcloud® IntegrationThe true potential of BIM is best realized through a team effort with several contributors collaborating on the same BIM data. With its full integration with the GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud®, ArchiCAD 18 offers industry-first, real-time BIM collaboration regardless of the size, location or set up of the collaborating team. Cloud integration allows the ArchiCAD team to soar without limits. Learn more about GRAPHISOFT’s BIMcloud® Solution here:
  • Built-in CINEMA 4D Rendering Engine — Make high-quality renderings right within your model by taking advantage of the one-button “photo-shot” rendering feature. It is something novice and professional users will enjoy. There is also a live preview and background processor support to make the rendering workflow progress smoothly.
  • Integrated Revision Management — Keep track of all changes to the model via ArchiCAD 18’s brand new Revision Management solution provides solutions for 2D, 3D or any kind of hybrid workflows.
  • Improved PDF-based Data Exchange — PDF has become one of the worldwide drawing standards people use for multiple tasks. By introducing BIM-related intelligence and data hierarchy into PDF files, ArchiCAD 18 offers PDF-based smooth workflows for a wide range of stakeholders in the AEC process.
  • OPEN BIM and IFC-based Workflow Improvements – In ArchiCAD 18 you’ll find  ArchiCAD Mark-Up Entries and professional scheme-driven data management and data mapping, and high-quality (certified) export processes as well as full BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) support to improve coordination with engineers and consultants. Supporting BCF (an open file format that allows the addition of textual comments and screen-shots on top of the IFC model layer for better communication between the coordinating parties) takes place directly within the model.

GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD® 18 will start shipping in June 2014 with an impressive list of 26 local versions rolled out by the end of Q3 2014. Learn more about the upcoming release here.


  1. momodou lamin jatta

    archicad is a software i am attracted to due to its final aesthic rendering finish and as an architectural student i think it is the solution to my drawing problems

  2. Safiqul Islam

    Do you have energy simulation (Full version) with this?

  3. Christian Neuner

    Some public entities in Europe just accept digital signed plans in format DWFx.
    Is there a DWFx export option in ArchiCAD 18?

    If not is there an add-on?


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