Boost Productivity with Data-driven design

Leverage your BIM data to create climate studies and more!

Discover how data can not only enhance your designs, but also provide important building analysis and feedback, in this short presentation from Reimagine 2019:

RHINO+GRASSHOPPER Connection: Key Features

Design Complex Geometries

Quickly and easily create complex repeating patterns for walls, floors and ceilings using the Rhino/Grasshopper Connection.

Take your Data Further

Deeper connection with Rhino/Grasshopper allows you to pass data to Grasshoppers’ vast ecosystem of plugins and extensions.

Grasshopper Deconstruct

Extract ARCHICAD element surface data as a design reference. Changes to the core design scheme will automatically update all linked design details generated via design algorithms in Grasshopper.

Climate Studies with Ladybug

Using the Grasshopper+ARCHICAD Connection you can access Ladybug, which performs environmentally-informed design analysis on designs to help you develop more energy efficient structures.

“Architects on ARCHICAD 23 will gain a substantial computational design ecosystem from the world of Rhino+Grasshopper, with world-class analysis tools and much more.” Anthony Frausto-Robledo, AIA, LEED AP


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