ABC, easy as 1,2,3 with GRAPHISOFT’s BIM Server

The ABC Green Home has opened, to much ado. But it is not about nothing.

The project is quite the opposite. Something revolutionary that is shattering a perception that it costs more and is more difficult to build green. And it did so beginning with the use of GRAPHISOFT’s BIM Server during the design phase. All members of the project team were able to access the server to collaborate on it in real time. Students, the architects, engineers all functioned together as a whole while extracting, changing data and creating all within that live space.

The project “Southern California Edison’s ABC Green Home” is a 1695-square-foot model home that demonstrates Net-Zero energy usage principles. Located at the Orange County Great Park, the Craftsman-style house can be reproduced for just $85 to $125 per square foot – equivalent to what most tract homes cost to build today and the reason it qualifies for the “A” of ABC – Affordable. 

The state of California is working toward a goal to have all new homes “net zero” by the year 2020 – that’s a little more than 8 years away – producing as much energy as they consume.

The “B” (Buildable) can be applied to the ABC Green Home because is uses off-the-shelf materials. It’s designed to work for any builder on any lot – and was used as a teaching tool – to demonstrate how to use affordable and currently available green technology. That technology includes insulated walls that use less lumber, energy-efficient heat pumps to heat water and the air and provide air conditioning, 5 1/2-kilowatt solar roof panels, a rainwater-collection system, a gray-water recycling system and drought-tolerant plants.

All of those features make it possible for the home to claim “C” (Certified) – the home will have six green-home certifications by four agencies, such as the NAHB National Green Building Standard, California Advanced Homes and Energy Star and including LEED Platinum.

After the ABC Green Home has been on display for a year at the Great Park, it will be donated to Habitat for Humanity and given to a wounded service person.


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