I tell a potential client that when they made the decision to purchase their new car they visited a showroom, walked around many vehicle models in different colors with many options for interior finishes, wheel styles, sunroofs, stereo speakers, etc. Then you take the car for a test drive and determine if this is truly the car for you. This is about a $50,000-dollar decision. Now you’re going to get involved in a renovation of your primary residence and spend 10X this amount and hope your architect gets it right because you looked through 2D plan and elevations? That would be crazy! This is why ARCHICAD and BIMx is the office’s most important tool, allowing a homeowner to experience their house, a contractor to price their project, and multiple others to gather needed data from the virtual model.

Andrew Passacantando, Passacantando Architects

Andrew Passacantando – Passacantando Architects

119 Maple Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960
United States


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