AOME Architects first employed ARCHICAD as our primary design tool beginning with version 4.0. Since then, our implementation has grown more sophisticated in parallel to the growth and development of what is undoubtedly the best design tool available to architects today. ARCHICAD has enabled our firm to become more productive to an extent that many clients and contractors are stunned that we don’t have more employees. The software tools and visualization aids have also made it possible for us to communicate more effectively with our clients with full 3D virtual reality models in the beginning phases of design work—setting us apart from our direct competition. Universally, our employees have found the ARCHICAD tools and work flow easy to master, most often becoming productive in less than 30-40 days. We highly recommend ARCHICAD to any architect that is looking to improve their business profitability, productivity and design work.

Mark Elster

AOME Architects

1700 7th Ave., Ste. 2100, PMB 272
Seattle, WA 98101

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