We have been able to turn projects around quicker and produce drawings that are better coordinated with our consulting engineers. ARCHICAD allows us to make changes quicker and to simply do things we couldn’t do with other software.

We have fewer change orders and conflicts between disciplines in the construction phase. This makes the contractor and client very happy since they don’t have to deal with costly coordination mistakes.

The 3D capabilities and on-the-fly changes have wowed clients again and again. ARCHICAD is a huge benefit when trying to convey a design concept to a client.

With the integration of BIMx we look forward to using advancing mobile technology to further streamline our production and communicate our design with clients and contractors.

Casey Grimley, BGW Architects, CAD Manager/Senior Drafter

Casey Grimley

2909 Washington Blvd
Odgen, UT 84201
United States


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