Dale Gardon Design chose to use ARCHICAD because of its unparalleled versatility the BIMx model offers and the parametric abilities of the software. Our clients’ demands require that we show a very high level of detail in both our drawings and our virtual model and ARCHICAD allows us to keep up with and even surpass those demands. It is paramount that we consistently utilize the most cutting-edge technology in order to maintain a demand for our services. With the BIMx model, we can have our clients immerse themselves in the program and experience the feeling that the created space will provide. On top of all of those impressive qualities, the program allows us to extrapolate detailed, interactive information, which we can then convey directly to the contractor and other tradesmen. There has not been a better time to be a creative designer and work with the tools that we now have at our fingertips.

Drew Tryon

Dale Gardon Design

20885 North 90th Place, #100
Scottsdale, ARIZONA 85255
United States


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