ARCHICAD has been a versatile and evolving tool for us. Jumping into the world of BIM is a big step, but ARCHICAD has allowed us to transition into this world gracefully instead of throwing us into the lake and letting us figure out how to swim to shore. We started by producing drawings in much the same way we did before with mostly 2D methods, but the functionality ARCHICAD provided was far better than our previous software. After learning how to do the familiar, we ventured into the 3D world. Our hybrid approach has evolved and allowed us to accommodate the comfort level and abilities of different individuals. We have always been concerned with proportion and attention to detail in our designs. Over time, our use of the model and our trust in it throughout the design process has increased to the point of reliance. Collaboration with other design and engineering firms in the AutoDesk world has worked very well for us and I see no advantage to working in Revit to facilitate collaboration. ARCHICAD is extremely flexible and adaptable and as the product evolves, we are always pleased with the updated tools and new features that are provided. Graphisoft is clearly looking forward and doing a great job anticipating our needs.

John Peterson, AIA 

Dalgliesh Gilpin Paxton Architects

206 5th Street NE
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
United States of America

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