Having previously trained other architects and implemented the change to competing BIM packages in multiple design offices, I wish that I had implemented ARCHICAD instead. The learning curve is less steep, with a layer-based system and more utility out-of-the-box than Revit. There is no need to spend months creating new standards to work with ARCHICAD, many traditional CAD standards are directly translatable to ARCHICAD. Muddy, poorly line-weighted drawings seem to be accepted as part of the switch to BIM, but in my experience ARCHICAD’s drafting and line weight systems can produce much higher quality drawings than Revit. Plus the default object library has much more utility and many more options than the default Revit family library. ARCHICAD is just a better solution for Architecture.

Landon Foster

David W. McKee, Architect

545 W. Center St
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701
United States of America


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