We have been using ARCHICAD since Version 6 (a long time) and it continues to amaze me. As log and timber structures got to be more and more complicated, it became obvious years ago that we needed a way of “modeling” the houses we were designing and building. I originally thought the primary use in our office would be as a design program used to help clients visualize their project – and it did just that and still does. But – I actually think the biggest benefit to us as a builder is the ability to communicate complicated and intricate construction details to the guys in the field. I can’t even guess at how many tens of thousands of dollars ARCHICAD has saved us over the years from a construction and production standpoint. From a design standpoint – it’s just fun. I honestly believe ARCHICAD has helped us win many projects both from the design aspect and the construction aspect.

Kelly Cole

Deerwood Log Homes & Timber Construction

2732 Hwy 130
Centennial, WY 82055


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