We discovered ARCHICAD in the 1990’s and quickly concluded it was the best product available. With long-standing features like Teamwork and regularly released new ones like Renovation Status, ARCHICAD just gets better and makes it easier to design, present, and complete our projects. Working in 3D is very intuitive, incredibly robust, actually quite fun, and helps us create significantly better projects. ARCHICAD also has a superior set of 2D tools which we routinely use for many other things apart from architecture. Time spent in ARCHICAD time accomplishes a vastly superior project. It is worth every hour spent and ARCHICAD is the indispensable tool for the design, presentation, and documentation of all of our projects.

James C. Lewis

General Design, Inc. – dba – James C Lewis • Architect

904 Princenton SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


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