ARCHICAD first landed in my office in the winter of 1994. The impact on design and production has steadily increased, allowing the design team to collaborate and make important decisions early on, resolve conflicts, and produce a well-coordinated set of construction documents. Generating individual drawings directly from the model helps to test ideas and avoid conflicts and increases the speed of finalizing changes as they occur in the design process. ARCHICAD’s powerful model-based platform allows for real-time fly-throughs, enabling the client to visualize and provide valuable input to the design process from initial concept studies through construction. ARCHICAD’s internal rendering capabilities allow for high quality in-house production or exporting for expanded professional renderings. The increased capability of ARCHICAD over the years, coupled with the attention GRAPHISOFT has given to user input and education, have established ARCHICAD as the perennial leader in the industry.

Greg Danskin 

Greg Danskin Architect

1543 Robyn Road
Escondido, CA 92025

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