Clip Summary:

Joseph tells us how his friend was using AutoCAD and was forced to move to subscription licensing. This made them move to ARCHICAD and now they say 'this literally transformed my practice in a positive way - I did not know this was possible'.

Video Transcript:

"In fact, one of my closest friends had been using AutoCAD forever and was not very happy when he was kind of given an ultimatum by Autodesk that ... if you want new software it has to be Revit now. And 'oh, by the way we're not going to sell it to you - you have to license it. You have to pay every year for it. You have no choice in the matter.' He didn't like that."
"And even though I'd been hounding him forever to move ARCHICAD, that finally forced him. And he happened to have an employee who was familiar with ARCHICAD. And they got one copy and a month and a half later he came to me and said 'Oh, my God, you changed my practice. I can't believe all these years I didn't listen to you and I can't believe how', (he's been in practice longer than I have) he said, 'I can't believe how this literally transformed my practice in a positive way.' He said 'I did not know this was possible'."

Joseph Vance

111 West 17th Street
New York, New York 10011
United States

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